Diamond Ring Remounting and Restoration

Many people know that diamonds are forever, but few know that white or yellow gold or even platinum, do not last forever. Rings need to be regularly checked on a yearly basis to keep diamonds intact. We recommend that diamond solitaires be remounted in a new setting every 20-30 years to keep it as safe as possible.We can match your old mounting or update it to fit your new style! If replacing your mounting is not a possibility that you can wrap your head around, then we can restore and rebuild your mounting to make it as safe as possible for many more years.

If you are looking to refresh your diamond engagement ring, or if you have found that your style has changed since you tied the knot, you have come to the right place! Remounting your diamond solitaire is the perfect way to keep the sentimental value of your diamond, while keeping your diamond safe in a new mounting. Come see us for a free consultation!

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